Dr. Diana Hanan is a family nurse practitioner and assistant professor in the School of Nursing at Simmons University. Her clinical interests include care for older adults living with serious mental illness, cancer care for individuals with serious mental illness, and palliative care. She joined the Engage Initiative in 2020 and is currently part of the clinical and recovery focus group, where she collaborates with other Engage Initiative members to develop strategies for bringing together clinicians from different specialties so that patients with serious mental illness can get the services they need. She joined the Engage Initiative as she has had family and friends affected by mental illness and has witnessed the pain and misunderstanding experienced by those who are struggling. When she began practicing as a nurse practitioner in long-term care, she saw that there was a big gap in services for older adults living with mental illness. She believes that the Engage Initiative is leading the way in helping to ensure that individuals living with mental illness receive the care that they so need and deserve.