Engage Initiative Photo Voice Project: An Invisible Illness Made Visible

Our photo project for people with mental illness and their loved ones.

People with mental illness are often NOT seen. Being invisible contributes to dying earlier and more frequently from cancer. We need to open our eyes and work together to bridge the divide between cancer and mental illness to save lives and decrease suffering.

We are a coalition of diverse people committed to bridging the divide between mental illness and cancer. To change perceptions and have your voices heard, we ask you to take a photo of something in your daily life that exemplifies what the pledge means to you.

“I pledge to ensure mental illness is never a barrier to cancer care”

The question, “What does the ENGAGE pledge mean to you in daily life?” could also mean:

  1. What empowers you?
  2. What are some barriers you face?
  3. When are the moments that means the most to you?
  4. What thought crossed your mind the other day?
  5. Tell us about a small difference you made
  6. What are your hopes/dreams for the future?