Dr. Kerri Murphy earned her MA in Mental Health Counseling and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at
Boston College. She specializes in young adult mental health, trauma, vocational and identity
development, transitions, caregiver burden, and grief/ bereavement. Dr. Murphy is interested in
caregiver resilience and well-being, mindful self-compassion, trauma and post-traumatic growth, and
career and identity development. Having been a caregiver to her father who passed away from Cancer
in 2016 and her mother who passed away from ALS in 2018, she is dedicated to trying to help patients
and their families have a dignified, meaningful and well-supported experience with illness and/or death
and dying. She is passionate about Engage as she is invested in shining a light on the intersections of
mental and physical well-being and the disparities in care for marginalized populations.